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Cyber Security Strategy

Effective Strategy Building​

How can your business protect itself from the latest threats and stick within the narrow margins of complex regulation? It needs a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and the right advice.
An effective cybersecurity strategy needs to take stock of a business’ current circumstances, assets and weaknesses. It should also look at the organisation’s long-term objectives, as well as the overall cyber landscape, including both threats and regulatory obligations.


MyEmpire takes each of these factors into account when developing strategies and advice for its clients. This comprehensive approach gives an accurate picture of both the risks and needs. From this point, we can develop the most effective roadmap for your company, with concerns to security, regulation and costs.
This gives your organisation the best possible path forward to reach its goals while still providing adequate protection.

Our services


MyEmpire builds adaptable three to five year plans for our clients, taking business needs, regulation and emerging threats into account. But we’re not just talk – we also develop and execute these plans, taking the stress of implementation and management away from your organisation.


We provide your organisation with the experience and leadership of actual CISOs, without the expense of having to hire one in-house.  Our CISO-as-a-Service is backed by a team of specalists across a range of disciplines to give your security program the breadth and depth of skills required.

GRC Consulting

MyEmpire’s GRC specialists can conduct
a gap analysis against common frameworks, implement Information Security Management Systems, design and build cyber risk management frameworks, conduct risk assessments and much more.