Find, secure and protect your data

Data Governance & Security

Your most valuable asset

Data is one of the most important assets in modern businesses. But due to the value and sensitivity of certain information, it can also be a target for attacks. Improper management can also lead to breaches of privacy and regulatory violations, leading to fines, legal costs and harm to a company’s reputation.

This puts businesses in a complex position, because they need to make effective use of the asset, while still ensuring it is protected appropriately. MyEmpire can help your organisation balance these concerns. Our data governance solutions cover a range of services for managing and securing data.

Classify and Protect

Different sets of data have various uses and sensitivities. As an example, credit card data and private health information need far greater protection than many of your organisation’s more mundane internal memos. This is why it’s important to classify data, so that it can be guarded at a reasonable level, commensurate with its value and risks.
MyEmpire’s data governance solution focuses on building frameworks, policies and procedures that are appropriate to the various forms of data within an organisation. It then implements these classifications to protect data and meet the organisation’s needs.

Our services

Data Discovery

MyEmpire has teamed up with Ground Labs to deliver deep discovery and remediation for your data.  Identify, monitor and remediate sensitive data stored throughout your organisation, whether its on workstations, the cloud, servers or databases.

Data Classification & Handling

Development of data classification and handling policies, standards and processes, along with assistance in implementation of controls to protect your most valuable assets.

Data Loss Prevention

MyEmpire partners with Trend Micro and Microsoft for data loss prevention solutions. We help our clients by defining data loss prevention policies, mapping use cases and then implementing the solutions with our partners’ tools.