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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing


MyEmpire’s penetration testing service is focused on addressing an organisation’s security issues from a business risk management perspective.
Our unique penetration testing methodology consists of a combination of commercial and open source vulnerability assessment tools, along with automated and practical, manual testing.

Best Practice

Our penetration testing methodology is derived from a combination of information security guidelines and recognised penetration testing methodology standards from sources such as OSSTMM and OWASP.

Our services

Vulnerability Assessments

Automated scans of your critical infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities. An excellent starting point to identify gaps that could be exploited by an adversary.

Wireless Security Assessments

Test the security of your wireless corporate networks to ensure trusted, secure traffic at all times.

Web App Penetration Tests

Your online presence is a perfect target for malicious attacks. Assessing the security of your web applications will provide peace of mind that security fundamentals are being addressed.

Infrastructure Penetration Tests

Internal and external comprehensive testing of your network and server infrastructure to assess the security of your business critical systems.

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