Secure your supply chain

Vendor Cyber Risk Management

Know your Ecosystem

As the world rapidly shifts to cloud, it’s easy to lose sight and control of our data.  Businesses today consume Infrastructure, software and platforms as-a-service.  We outsource and provide third parties external access into our systems.

Outsourcing systems, software and services doesn’t mean we outsource our cyber security obligations, and ensuring we engage trusted third parties is crucial to protecting your business from a cyber incident.

Protect your Ecosystem

MyEmpire are experienced in all areas of vendor cyber risk management.  We can help you identify, understand, and audit your supply chain for cyber security maturity and compliance. We can help assess your risks and oversee the management of those risks

Our services can start from establishing policies and processes, to building and maintaining risk management platforms, maturity assessments, overseeing responses and identifying risks.

Our services

Process Design

Design, develop and deploy risk assessments to your supply chain.  Includes development of risk assessment and treatment plans, assesment questionnaires and tool deployment. 

Managed Service

Design, develop and deploy an end-to-end vendor risk assessment process, including solution design, delivery, ongoing risk assessments, and reporting.

Single Assessments

Specialist resources to provide single, or ad hoc, vendor risk assessments leveraging your risk frameworks, or ours.