focus your team on remediation and improvement while we manage the visibility

Vulnerability Scanning

Focus on Improvement

To protect networks and data from determined attack, you need assurance and understanding of the technical security of the network, along with adherence to security policy and incident response procedures.

Partnering with global leader, Rapid 7, MyEmpire’s Vulnerability Scanning service (VSaaS) will provide prompt discovery of security vulnerabilities, and allows your internal team to focus on remediation activities, resulting in secure business enablement.

Focus on Visibility

Understanding your vulnerabilities and compliance gaps is ultimately the objective, to ensure your team can action quickly and effectively. But reporting goes beyond the tech team – management and boards need to understand the business risk, exposures and trends. The MyEmpire difference is in customising your reports to inform all of your stakeholders.

Remove the noise and focus your team on proactive remediation

Our services

External Scanning

Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annual
scanning on your public IP’s.
Services include authenticated and unauthenticated scans, comprehensive reporting including scan trends, assessment against current attack trends and patterns, and remediation advice.

Managed Internal

Fully managed Rapid7 scan engine deployed in your environment,
managed vulnerability & compliance
scanning and regular tuning. Comprehensive reporting including detailed
technical findings and prioritised
approach to remediation

Web Applications

Managed scanning of your web applications to identify risks
quickly. Services include Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), scanning external and internal applications,  tailored reports of vulnerabilities for various business stakeholders.

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